Best Men’s Hair Design Trends of 2022

In the world of hairstyling, a hair design has been widely used as a means of expression and statement. Hair design can be defined as an art of sculpting the hair to create a custom look.

It is indeed appealing to get a new haircut with a design that will make you look great and unique. Thus, to arrive at the result you’re looking for, you need to consider a few things before heading over to the closest barber near you.

  • Know what you want

Communication with the barber is the key. Specify what kind of hair design you want to achieve.

  • A skilled barber

Make sure that a highly skilled barber is the one handling your hair. He should be equipped with knowledge when it comes to hairstyling and should know what tools to use when cutting and shaving with design.

  • Hair texture

When going for a haircut design, your hair texture is taken into consideration. Your barber will guide you on what type of design is applicable to the texture of your hair.

  • Your present haircut

Your present haircut has a big impact if you want to add a little tweak to your hair. The appeal of a hair design will mainly depend on the base cut.

Why is Fade with Design a Trending Haircut for Men?

Nowadays, a lot of top-notch haircuts for men are trending, and one of the most popular is the fade haircut with design.

A fade haircut with design is masculine, fun, and it is an easy-to-maintain hairstyle. This is the reason why this is one of the most requested hairstyles among barber shops lately. Basically, the fade haircut is performed with a hair clipper, a pair of scissors, and a comb.

One of the most important factors in achieving the best fades with design is to have a good base haircut. Due to its versatility, a fade haircut is a good base to start off with your chosen hair design. With the use of clippers, your hair at the back and sides are cut shorter and close to the skin as possible. To start off, we’ve listed the basic types of fade haircuts.

Basic Types of Fade Haircuts


This type of cut is timeless and provides a sharp yet fresh look. The hair is kept short at the bottom while the length of the top hair gets longer gradually. This works best on naturally textured hair.


In this hairstyle, hair length at the back and the sides are shorter. It is one of the go-to hairstyles. This cut is a good choice for diamond, oblong, and triangular face shape.


Originally, this type of haircut is used in the military. In this haircut, the sides and the back hair are shaved close to the skin. This works for almost all types of hair.


The hair at the back and the side are cut down extra short while the top hair is left to have a fuller appearance. This suits men who are not afraid to show some skin.


This haircut makes use of two barbering skills – the taper and the fade. Taper focuses on the length of your hair and makes use of a pair of scissors and clippers. Fade, on the other hand, makes use of the clippers and focuses on the shorter hair length. Both cuts give a smooth and seamless finish. The Taper Fade style works on all hair types, and it gives a masculine and clean look.


This type of cut makes use of a pair of scissors. This works for men who don’t want the “fresh from the barber” look and just want their hair to be trimmed neatly.

10 Best Fade Hair Designs for Men – Simple yet Cool Designs

With lots of hair designs popping every year, it may be overwhelming to decide which hairstyle will work for you. Fade hair designs come in different representations – geometric patterns, words, and logos. Almost all hair designs work on all hair types.

Whether you have a curly, wavy, short, medium, long, or straight hair— a cool haircut with a design will make you stand out. We have compiled 10 fade hair designs that are worth trying for.


In this hairstyle, a simple line is made noticeable at the back of the neck. This looks great with a bald fade at the sides and back of the neck.


When combined with a high fade haircut, the wave line cut is emphasized. This simple hair design extends only to the sides and not around the back of the head. This type of hairstyle gives you the classy look. You can add a little texture to the top hair for a more stylish look.


Achieve a simple yet chic look with this hair design. A haircut line is made to separate the top hair from the fade, thus giving you a unique look.


Low fade haircuts, when combined with waves, bring out a stylish look. Most black men go for the 360 waves. This type of hair design emphasizes the different textures of full head waves and a beard. Have this haircut if you want to look formal yet stylish at the same time.


In this type of hair design, a haircut line is done to create a contrast of the fade. The line runs from the front and continues to your head’s upper back. Then from the back, the line slants accordingly, surrounds the top hair, and ends in a stylish look.


A lot of hair designs for men are going on trend. This includes getting a low fade haircut with a tattoo. To create an urban look, the tattoo is done clean-cut at the back of your head. This type of hair design brings out a noticeable contrast and texture.


Rock your favorite hair design with a Mohawk. Geometric lines and patterns can be created at the sides while keeping the Mohawk intact.  


A clean hairline and thick curls create a striking contrast and add an edge to your look. This works on all hair textures. Create a geometric style by shaving three small lines that will complement your hairline’s sharp edge.


Even with short hair, you can still become stylish. Slick it back, smooth it down, spike up your hair, or add a side parting. A side parting works well with a hairline that is neatly shaped. It also adds a strong definition to the cut. Add more interest to the cut by creating complex patterns depending on your preference.


This type of hairstyle is separated by a deep line that is intricately designed. It then ends with a skin fade. The flat top curves and similarly designed beards complement each other and give a bold and classy look.

Ready for your fade haircut with design? Get in touch and talk to one of our skilled barbers today!

Nothing would make a man look better other than a great haircut. Unfortunately, most men tend to forget haircut care tips after getting the hair design that they’re aiming for. But it shouldn’t be the case. A good hair routine should be followed to avoid hair problems in the future.  

  • Limit the everyday use of shampoo. Cheaper shampoos contain ingredients that can be harmful to your hair. The recommended use of shampoo is at least once to two times a week.
  • Condition your hair a few times a week. A conditioner puts back the needed oil of your hair that is lost from shampooing. Maintain a healthy hair with the use of conditioner.
  • Look after your scalp. Avoid using hot water during showers. This will cause dryness to your scalp and hair. Remember that the health of your hair is a reflection of your scalp’s health.
  • Dab your hair instead of rubbing. Your hair is weak when it is wet. Toweling it roughly can cause damage to your hair. It is best to just dab your hair to remove excess water and let it air dry.
  • Be careful with styling products. Choose styling products that are non-toxic to prevent any damage to your hair.

Best Barber for Hair Design in Utah

There are different hair designs that will surely make you look great for all occasions. And while this type of haircut is becoming a trend among men, it is best to know which barbershop specializes this kind of haircut and to make sure that you are preparing the appropriate hairstyle for your event.

If you live in Utah, you have probably come across Regal Barber Co. It is a homegrown barbershop that offers barber/haircut services for men, both young and refined.

If you are looking for any style, Regal Barber Co. has you covered. But why is Regal Barber Co. the best barbershop?

  • The barbers at Regal Barber Co. are highly trained and experienced in this type of haircut. The shop guarantees that they only hire professional and highly skilled barbers. This is part of their service quality management.
  • Regal Barber Co. has been of service with the locals of Utah for a couple years now. That is why they already built a reputation when it comes to quality hair service and top notch customer service.
  • This barbershop offers a wide range of hair services that are worthy of your hard earned money.
  • The staff are friendly and accommodating. They can also give you a few post haircut care tips to maintain your haircut.

With different trends and remarkable innovations in hair design nowadays, you don’t have to settle for less. Always make sure that you only visit the closest barber that offers a high-quality service. Choose a barbershop that follows design principles to provide you with a quality hairstyle that matches your preference, personality, and the image you want to portray.

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